On 7.9.16 we had a wonderful & informative session on….. " The impact of advertisement & its role in today's digital world" from Mr Gaurave De. It was a video conferencing session in which some other colleges like S V Instittue of Management, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Anand Institute of Management, Apex Management college from Baroda, Faculty of Management & Studies, Datta Meghe College Institute of Management studies, Nagpur, Asian from New Delhi were also connected. Mr Gaurav De is a brand marketing specialist, currently Chief Creative Officer & Head of Strategy at Triature, a digital agency with offices in Mumbai & London. Over the past 18 years, Mr Gaurav has been part of numerous reputed companies - Facebook, Sapient Nitro, McCann & Leo Burnett to name a few-----.

The 1 hour session gives a new and different concept o f Advertisement.

Faculties of different colleges were also a part of this session. Mr Dave focused on the various advertisement strategies for the startups.

Students & faculties took great interest and put questions during the Q & A round which were welcomed and answered by Mr Dave.

It was a very informative session for students as they usher in their professional journey