Health care has been identified as India’s' number one public priority - and nurses play a central role in delivering health care.

Nurses advocate for health promotion, educate patients and the public on the prevention of illness and injury, provide care and assist in cure, participate in rehabilitation, and provide support. No other health care professional has such a broad and far-reaching role.

Nurses help families learn to become healthy by helping them understand the range of emotional, physical, mental and cultural experiences they encounter during health and illness. Nurses help people and their families cope with illness, deal with it, and if necessary live with it, so that other parts of their lives can continue.

We, at Indu Nursing not only imparting education which is modern in its approach but also based on the ideals and rich culture of our country. We pride ourselves on creating a culture of learning where students are free to explore their talents.

Our teaching methodologies are designed to develop independent thinking, self confidence skill and understanding. We aim not only to produce student of high scores, but also produce personalities and attitudes and good kill for delivering best nursing care to the needed.

The college has laboratories are well equipped, well stocked library and above all, dedicated and accomplished faculty and staff to assist students reach their goals and realize their potential.

I wish my best to all aspirants of this noble, pioneering nursing profession for the success in their carrier building.

Mrs. Smita Patel

Indu Nursing School