5 Best Titanic Ship Toys for Kids

5 Best Titanic Ship Toys for Kids

Do you want to buy the best Titanic ship toy for your kid then you are at the right place. A toy that builds by assembling different parts is exciting for kids and also sharpens their mental skills. The titanic toys that sink also prove the real concept of Titanic and let your kids enjoy a productive time in a fun environment.

Buying Titanic ship toys for your kid is much better to keep your kids busy in productive activity as compared to letting them waste their precious time on mobile phones or TV watching. However, it can be tricky to find the best Titanic toy for your kid. For your help, we have described the five best Titanic ship toys on which you can rely.

5 Best Titanic Ship Toys For Kids Available Online

For your guidance, we have provided a list of the five best Titanic ship toys that are easily available on online platforms like alibaba.com.

194Pcs Titanic Ship Model Educational Toy

If you are looking for a toy that can sharpen your kid's mind then this Titanic ship toy will not disappoint you. It comes with 194 pieces that need to be assembled but they are very easy to join together to build the ship. It is made of plastic and is the best gift for your kid if they are up to 14 years.

Price: US$2.35-US$2.58 / piece

Xingbao 06030 Assembled Ship Model Battleship Military Series

It is an amazing military building bricks toy that can develop intelligence in your kid. It looks so sophisticated that you can use it for decoration purposes. It can be gifted on different occasions including birthdays and Christmas. It is quite difficult to assemble because of this you may need to help your kid but it can be a great idea to make them creative.

Price: US$28.75-US$29.85 / piece

Wisehawk Kids 1800pcs Mini Block 3d Ship Toy

This is a good gift for kids above 12 years old because it is quite complicated to assemble it due to its lot of mini blocks. We can also name it a 3D puzzle that you have to solve by utilizing your creative skills. They are available in different colors depending upon the customer's demand.

Price: US$11.29-US$18.99/ piece

Titanic Blocks Ship Vlcc Educational Blocks

It can be a great educational tool for children as well as adults. It has 2022 pieces that you need to assemble to create the Titanic. It is composed of nontoxic green plastics. It comes with construction blocks and the material is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Price: US$21.20-US$24.00/ piece

Moc Rms Titanic Model Building Block 9090pcs

This is based on the theme of science and friction. This Titanic ship toy comes with 9090 pieces and is also expensive as compared to others on the list. The ship is 135 cm long and can be used as an antique piece in your living area.

Price: US$88.11/ set


The given article describes the best Titanic ship toys for kids. These ship toys come with building blocks and can be helpful in sharpening your kid's mind and bringing quality time between parents and kids.