How Can You Fix Auto Headliner Fabric in Your Car?

How Can You Fix Auto Headliner Fabric in Your Car?

When it comes to the aesthetics of our cars, we all want the best. Interior headliners play a significant role in bringing out a car's beauty; not just for you but for anyone who uses your car. Choosing the type of headliner you want for your vehicle can be a little hectic. It is because the kind of headliner fabric you choose needs to fit your specification and be pocket friendly. Thanks to Alibaba, you can now buy any auto headliner fabric from the site at pocket-friendly prices. But the main question is, how can you apply your newly acquired headliner fabrics in your car?

How to fix an auto headliner fabric

To get the perfect interior decoration of your car, you need to know how to apply your headliner. This will help avoid folds in the headliner or cases in which the fabric doesn't fit properly. While an expert will do the task appropriately, practicing and following the right steps will allow you to fix the fabric perfectly. Here are some steps on how to use auto headliner fabric.

Choose your desired headliner

There are very many types of headliners depending on the fabric, color, and texture. Your decision depends on the car's interior and exterior. However, your taste and preference also matter a lot. You can browse and order the headliner fabric online at Alibaba and have it delivered to you. You should also buy some glue if you don't have some since you will need it.

Remove the old headliner

When removing your old headliner, you must remove the car's headliner board from the vehicle. Remove attachments such as seatbelt handles, door handles, speakers, or other attachments. Next is to remove the panel and peel off the old headliner from the surface.

Place the headliner on the board

Once the old headliner is out, you must smoothen the board's surface, removing any remaining headliner or glue from the previous fabric. After that, place the new headliner on the board's surface and smoothen any wrinkles. Preparation ensures that the new headliner fabric comes in a clean and easy-to-adhere surface.

Apply glue

Applying glue is a crucial step since it will determine the final outlay of the headliner. Therefore, you should use your adhesive on the board carefully. Brush off unnecessary elements from the surface and apply glue. You then lay your fabric on the surface while pressing and stretching it to avoid folds and wait to dry.

Cut holes for car attachments

Once the glue is dry, you should cut holes on the now-fixed fabric to replace the car attachments. To ensure precision, place the old headliner on the new one and trace the holes. Once done, trim the excess fabric and return the board to the car. You can then return your attachments to their rightful places.

The bottom line

Since you now know how to install a headliner fabric, visit the Alibaba store and enjoy fabulous collection of auto headliner fabrics. Shop from the auto headliner fabric categories that excite you, and get ready to be amazed.