What Factors To Make Coogi Sweaters So Expensive?

What Factors To Make Coogi Sweaters So Expensive?

A fashion label specializing in knitwear, Coogi is well-known for its exceptionally bright and vivid knitwear. Australian entrepreneur Jacky Taranto started the company in 1969 in Melbourne. Nonetheless, things began to turn around for Coogi in 1994. Notorious B.I.G.'s "Hypnotized" and "Big Poppa" helped popularize the product by mentioning it in the songs. When coogi style sweater hit the mainstream streets of America, it became one of the most famous brands in the world. Why, then, do Coogi sweaters continue to cost so much? The primary reason why Coogi sweaters cost so much is that the company is a luxury label. Coogi, with costs ranging from $400 to $600, symbolizes metropolitan affluence and success.

Reasons For The High Cost Of Coogi

It's A High-End Label

Luxury sums up the Coogi label. The sweaters keep die-hard Coogi fans warm and make them feel cozy and cared for. They provide a sense of privacy and superior comfort.

Celebrity Approval

Coogi is still a cultural icon because of the support of major celebrities like Drake, Riff Raff, and Snoop Dogg. Because of this link, the brand is elevated to a level of exclusivity that justifies a high asking price.

What Is The Coogi Pattern?

Coogi sweaters are easily recognizable thanks to their distinctive pattern and rainbow colors. The exotic Australian terrain and culture are meant to be conveyed through the Coogi pattern's asymmetrical waveforms and a wide range of materials. This design is almost as much of a status symbol as the name brand it's associated with.

Sweaters With Kaleidoscopic Patterns

Coogi sweaters are most easily recognized by their bright, multicolored textiles. Despite repeated use and washing, the vivid hues of these items remain unchanged. Coogi sweaters are more expensive because they require more and better grade dye to produce a uniformly robust and definitive final result.

Are Coogi Sweaters Value For Money?

Although Coogi sweaters are expensive, they are well worth the money. The high standard of craftsmanship is just one of the many reasons to invest in a Coogi sweater. Coogi sweaters are built to last, thanks to years of experience in the industry. Furthermore, these sweaters have demonstrated their resale worth over several decades. Market data shows that more than half of millennial think about resale value when buying luxury goods.


Coogi is a knitting company famous for its vibrant and colorful sweaters. Jacky Taranto founded the firm in the Australian city of Melbourne in 1969. However, after 1994, Coogi's trajectory changed irrevocably. "Hypnotized" and "Big Poppa," two of Notorious B.I.G.'s most famous songs, had references to the brand, contributing to the rapper's meteoric climb to fame and renown. After breaking through into the mainstream of American fashion, Coogi became an instant phenomenon and is today one of the world's most recognized brands. But why is it that a Coogi sweater costs so much? Considering that Coogi is a high-end label, it makes sense that their sweaters would be pricey. An urban luxury status symbol, Coogi can be acquired for $400-$600.